Members Honored with Bronze Pelican Award

The Bronze Pelican Award is a Diocesan recognition given to adults who have made a significant and outstanding contribution to the spiritual development of Catholic youth in the Boy Scouts of America. It may be presented to any adult, scouter or non-scouter, member of the laity or religious, or a member of another faith in recognition of consistent support of the Scouting program under Catholic auspices, either within a Catholic chartered unit, or to Catholic youth in BSA units not chartered by a Catholic Church. Recipients of the award must be exemplary adults and members in good standing with their respective positions in Scouting and in their faith communities, and have the approval of their pastor(s) before the award is given.

The Eagle Scout Association of Greater St. Louis is understandably proud of our members who have been honored with the Bronze Pelican Award!!!

Bronze Pelican Award Recipients

Edward J. Bradley, Jr.
Kevin M. Cummins
J. W. Huls
Richard A. Koch



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